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Allnighter Designs can provide training in a variety of operating system and application software. We are well versed in many versions of Windows, database applications such as Microsoft Access, SQL, and MySQL, as well as many Microsoft Office and Open Office applications. Let us help your office become a more productive office.

Windows Training

Allnighter Designs can train you in all phases of using the Windows Operating System. We start out with the basics of navigating the Windows Desktop, methods such as point and click and drag and drop, and how to use the controls embedded into Windows. We will teach you the parts of a Window, such as the Title Bar, Menu Bars, and Tool Bars. We will train you how to navigate Windows using the keyboard using the Tab key, the Alt key, the Windows Logo key, and the arrow keys. Our goal is to make you a more productive Windows user.

Database Training

Allnighter Designs can help you design databases, query the data contained therein, and to write reports. We will show you how to write Access queries, SQL queries using Microsoft's Query Analyzer, and how to use the tools available in MySQL. We will teach you the basics and more advanced features of a relational database. Our goal is to train you to be able to create databases that will help you track your business better.

Office Training

Allnighter Designs can train you in the use of Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher. We will teach you when it is appropriate to use which Office application, and how to make these applications work together. We can also train you how to use the applications of OpenOffice, which includes a Writer, a word processor, Calc, a spreadsheet application, Impress, presentation software, Draw, a graphics editing program, and Base, a database application. The key feature of OpenOffice is that it is entirely free.