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Application Development

Still using an old DOS program to run your business? Is your business using three applications to manage your finances, inventory, and orders, and they don't integrate with each other? Would you like to purchase software that is targeted to your industry, but can't afford the $100,000 price tag? Allnighter Designs can help. We have programmers on staff that can design software customized to your business. We spend a lot of time asking questions to get the workflow to operate the way you want it to. We build the application according to your specifications, then we spend the time to train your staff to use your new program. Our programs are designed exclusively for Windows based PCs, but we can also migrate the software to run on a Macintosh that can use a Windows operating system. We build accounting, inventory, customer management, and database interface software. We also provide reporting tools so you can see how your business is running, where it is strong, and where it can use improvement.

Web Interfaces

If your customers could benefit from being able to access their accounts online, we can design a web interface to allow them to do just that. We can setup online ordering, customer service, and order tracking. We can integrate our custom software solutions to have an online component that will allow your customers to have more access to your business, and reduce the amount of time your staff spends answering the phone or emails.

Website Design

Need a website? Want a better, more interactive website? Want to have email addresses that end in instead of or Allnighter Designs can improve your web presence using Flash, Javascript, or Perl. We can build an entire webserver that you house on your network, or we can setup a hosted website that we maintain. We will help you register a new domain name, setup email accounts for your staff, and design your homepage and any other pages that you need to run a successful website. We can produce online forms to gather information from prospective customers, or collect survey information. This is more than a blog or a guestbook. This is your business, and we can help design a website that reflects the professionalism of your business. Sometimes, though, it is nice just to put a little something fun on the website, such as the Days To Christmas at the bottom of this website. Check back on the various holidays to see the holiday greetings from us here at Allnighter Designs. The code was written in Javascript. Allnighter Designs uses Adobe Dreamweaver to produce webpages, and Adobe Photoshop and Corel's Paint Shop Pro are both used to produce the graphics. We also use Adobe Flash CS3 to produce Flash graphics, and we are working on programming Flash elements in Actionscript 3.0.