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Hardware Repair

Allnighter Designs repairs all types of PC hardware. This includes replacement or repair of motherboards, hard drives, optical drives, processors, memory, and power supplies. We use name brand equipment, none of the cheap brands you'll find in the chain stores. We specialize in Intel processors including the newer i5 and i7 core designs. We use only Corsair, OCZ, Crucial and Kingston RAM. We build complete systems using ASUS, Gigabyte, XFX, MSI, EVGA and Intel motherboards. We do not use the fans that come with the Intel processors with the plastic clip design. We prefer to use Mass Cool brand fans that use actual screws to fasten the fan to the motherboard.

Intel fan with plastic clips Mass Cool fan with metal screws

Hardware Upgrades and Replacements
Hard Drive replacements Memory upgrades Sound/Video/Network upgrades Motherboard replacements

Windows Errors

BSOD - the Blue Screen of Death. 80% of the time we can fix a Windows Error that results in a Blue Screen of Death. The 20% of the time that we can't, we backup your data and reinstall Windows to its factory condition. We search your hard drive for your picture, video and music files, so that you don't lose a single one. We will have to reinstall your program files, so we will need to know if you have the original disks. Some programs you may have downloaded, and we will need to know if you kept the original download file. We know that a backup and restore of Windows is scary, but we will work with you and try to make sure that everything is as close to the way your PC was before the errors occurred. Also, if you use an online backup system such as Carbonite® or Mozy®, we can help you with your restore.
Windows Blue Screen of Death messages

Software Errors

Sometimes what may seem like an error caused by Windows is actually an error related to other installed software, such as hardware device drivers or some other application. We are able to pinpoint the faulty application and either repair or reinstall it. We have had great success fixing errors with Quickbooks, Turbo Tax, Photoshop, Microsoft Office programs, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Incompatible software is another problem that causes errors in Windows, but is not actually a Windows error. We see this happen when an application designed for Windows Vista is installed on Windows XP. We can usually find comparable software designed for the operating system in use and remove the incompatible software. Hardware device drivers are pieces of software that interact between the hardware and Windows to tell Windows how the hardware should work. Out of date device drivers are a huge cause of errors that can cause Windows to freeze or not boot at all. We can update all of your device drivers and get Windows running at its optimum performance.