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What We Do

Allnighter Designs is a full-fledged IT company that caters to small businesses, home offices, and home users. We speak your language, not the technical jargon that some computer companies may throw at you to make themselves sound important. Are you tired of IT gurus who seem to go out of their way to make you feel stupid? We aren't like that. We try and explain problems in English and if there are some terms or phrases that may seem completely foreign, we are very good at translating them into English. Yes, we do like to use big words like implementation and configuration, but all this really means is design and setup. At Allnighter Designs, that is the focus of our mission. We like to design stuff and then set it up. We are very good at this. And we'll spend all night working on it to get it done.

We are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but we do service work in a radius of about 60 miles from Downtown. We do not have a large staff, but we have a very dedicated staff of knowledgeable and accredited experts. We are a Microsoft Certified Professional office. We have experts on staff in Microsoft Office, Novell Netware, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers in Windows NT, 2000, 2003, and soon 2008. We do have experience with Linux and Unix, but, as most home users and small offices do not use Unix or Linux, we do not focus on these operating systems. Also, because Apple is a proprietary hardware system, we do not repair Apples. Mac Outfitters and The Apple Store have a pretty good lock on the Apple lines. We do have knowledge of the Mac OS operating system with an emphasis on networking using Appletalk.

We are hardware certified with Dell Computer and Hewlett-Packard. We have over 20 years experience in computer hardware repair. We have an excellent set of tools! (even if our dads weren't TV repairmen). We have tools to fix desktops and laptops. We have a very good track record of recovering data from corrupt hard drives. If we can't repair your hardware issue, we certainly can replace the malfunctioning component for half the price of what the bigger names charge. Why buy a whole new computer if only the motherboard needs to be replaced? Why buy a new computer when a memory upgrade may be all that's required to increase your computer's speed by a factor of 3? We can also upgrade your hard drive while retaining every single file on the drive, and we do not dispose of any hard drive with data on it. Nothing destroys the data on a hard drive like a big magnet! And we have a big magnet! Not even the FBI or NSA can recover data once we're through with your old hard drive. For the truly paranoid, we also have a big hammer.

We will always come to you.

You will never have to disconnect your computer to bring it to us, unless you really want to. We will try and make the repairs right on site. If we cannot fix it onsite and we need to bring your computer to our shop, you will not charged for the trip we made to come to your office or home. We only charge for the work we do, not for mileage, not for drive time. We let you know the cost for the repair before we begin, and if something changes along the way, we will let you know immediately. What we strive to be is your partner in the IT world. We definitely are not a bunch of geeks in a black and white VW.