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Windows Administration

Windows breaks its logical grouping of users and computers into units known as Domains. Allnighter Designs is certified to administer Windows NT, 2000 and 2003 domains. We are working on our certifications for Windows 2008 domains. We understand how to make domains manageable for non-IT staff. The process of adding new users and computers to a domain is simplified as we build the tools that will make it easy for any designated employee to perform this function. We also make it easy to remove users and computers. We understand how Microsoft licensing works and will make sure you have the right licenses for your domain. We know that Microsoft licenses are expensive and want to make sure that no unneeded funds are expended on licensing. We also make sure that you are not underlicensed, as this could cause headaches when your employees cannot access the resources they need to complete their work.

Active Directory

Microsoft keeps a database of all its domain objects, namely users, computers and groups, known as Active Directory. Active Directory is built for administering domains that can span the globe, but it is also a tool that can be used for a single office of 5 users. Active Directory makes it easy for users to find network resources, such as shared folders on the network, or networked printers. Allnighter Designs has been working with Active Directory since it was first introduced in 1999. Part of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer tests are based on Active Directory and how to work with all the features contained therein.

Group Policy

Group Policy is Microsoft's method of applying settings to users and computers throughout an Active Directory Domain. These include password policies, audit policies and other security settings. Certain features of Windows can be turned on or off using Group Policy, such as restricting the Internet Tools of Internet Explorer, removing the Shut Down command from the Start Menu, and removing My Network Places from the desktop. These policies do not have to be applied to all users or all computers. Users and computers can be divided into logical groupings called Organizational Units and different policies can be applied to the individual units. In this way, the Finance department can have different policies than the HR department, and so forth. Allnighter Designs has studied Group Policy extensively. We can apply a policy to an entire organization, or we can apply a policy to just one user. We can apply a policy to all users except for one user. While many security threats exist from outside your company, you may be surprised to know how many threats exist within your company. Using Group Policy, we can secure your computer network from the inside out, and make sure that prying eyes from within cannot access the information you don't want to let out.

Novell Administration

While many organizations have migrated to Windows servers from Novell servers, we realize there are many Novell servers still in production. Allnighter Designs can help you administer you Novell server, whether you are using Novell Directory Services through version 8, or have started out with Novell eDirectory, we can help manage these servers. If you inherited a network that is using Novell, we can help you orient yourself to Novell, or help you migrate these servers to a Windows platform. We can also integrate Novell servers into a Windows Domain using Microsoft's Gateway Services for Netware.

Server Administration

Allnighter Designs is certified to administer HP and Dell servers. We monitor server health using the tools provided by HP and Dell, including HP's Integrated Lights Out Management, which allows the servers to be monitored even if they cannot fully load their operating systems, and this can be done remotely. We can also manage your system of blade servers.
HP Proliant Servers and Enterprise Drive Arrays

Workgroup Administration

Administering a workgroup is by far much harder to manage than any type of client-server network such as Active Directory or Novell eDirectory. It is also a much less expensive way of setting up a network and allowing employees to use the shared resources on the individual workgroup computers. There is far less licensing involved, which in turn saves a lot of money. But it is also harder to provide access to shared resources as users must have a username and password created on every computer that contains a resource they need to access. And it is also a pain when changing passwords, as the password must be changed on every computer where that employee has an account. Workgroups do not do well in businesses where the computer users exceed the number 10, as this is the limit on Windows workstation computers. But if going the way of the Workgroup makes sense for your small business, then Allnighter Designs can help you get the network up and running quickly, and help make the changes necessary to ensure that network access stays accessible. And when your business outgrows it Workgroup network architecture, Allnighter Designs will be there to help you design and implement a new network infrastructure, with minimal disturbance to your employees, and we can provide whatever training is needed to help your employees transition to the new network scheme.